General Service Conference 2017 Agenda Topics

During the Area 02, 2016 Budget conference the membership expressed a desire to have the GSC agenda: theme, presentation and discussion topics displayed on the Area web site when available.

This will help Area members to draw from the subjects when developing their District and Group workshops and activities.

The following recommendations are from the Conference Advisory Actions of the 66th Annual General Service Conference.

It was recommended that:

The Theme for the 2017 General Service Conference be: “ Supporting Our Future ”.

The following be Presentation/Discussion Topics for the 2017 General Service Conference
  • a. Growth:
    • Diversity- Outreach and Attraction
    • Saftey - An Important Consideration
    • Communication - Today and Tomorrow

  • b. Participation:
    • Fellowship vs Membership
    • Leadership: “I am Responsible ”
    • Is Your voice Heard ?

  • c. Contributions:
    • Spirituality and Money
    • Fully Self Supporting Our Obligations
    • Apathy and Power of the Purse